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Allergies: Are They Inherited?

The spring and summer months bring sniffling, sneezing and watery eyes to many.

If you suffer, as 22 million American do, from seasonal allergies, bother established and new treatments offer relief from your allergy symptoms without putting you to sleep or forcing you indoors.

How Allergies Start

Allergies occur when you inherit a genetic disposition to form allergic antibodies upon coming in contact with normally benign substances.

If one of your parents has an allergy, you stand a 30% chance of being allergic too. If both suffer allergies, your risk increases to 50%-75%. If neither parent has allergies your chances of developing them fall to 13%.

You inherit and pass along the propensity for allergies, not the specific allergies. For example: If your mother is allergic to cats, you may not develop the same allergy; you may develop and allergy to pollen instead. Still, having allergy-provoking genetic material isn’t enough to prompt sniffling and sneezing. You must also be exposed to various allergens such as dust mites, tree, weed, floral and grass pollens, animals, molds, feathers, insect stings and certain foods. Allergens are so widespread they’re virtually impossible to avoid.

Source: CareNotes

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2 Responses to “Allergies: Are They Inherited?”

  1. V Wright says:

    Interesting article. We've noticed taking Shaklee's Alfalfa product has helped to cut down on our sinus and allergy issues. Sure am glad to have found it!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the comment. Alfalfa is one of the greatest products I have found.

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