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Garlic – A Natural Antibiotic

Garlic – A Natural Antibiotic

Garlic is a supplement that thins the blood increases nutrient absorption, enhances the immune system, kills viruses and prevents unfriendly bacteria from growing.  It is nature’s antibiotic.

Garlic helps with:

1.       Atherosclerosis – dilates small blood vessels

2.       Blood Clots – prevents red blood cell clumping

3.       Chronic Bronchitis & Colitis – acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

4.       Fatty Degenerative Liver – speeds liver healing  - High Triglycerides)

5.       High Blood Pressure – serves as an anti-hypertensive by thinning blood

6.       Hyperglycemia – lowers elevated blood sugar

7.       Hyperlipidemia – reduces fatty deposits in small arteries

8.       Intermittent Claudication – increases capillary circulation  -Claudication is crampy leg pain that occurs during exercise, especially walking. The pain is due to insufficient blood flow in the legs (caused by blocked arteries).

9.       Malabsorption – increases digestive juice release

10.   Post-Surgical Recovery – speeds tissue healing

11.   Recurrent Viral Infections – controls viral infections

12.   Sinus and nasal congestion – acts as a decongestant

13.   Smoking – provides detoxification

14.   Upper Respiratory Infections – serves as an anti-bacterial agent

Garlic Complex by Shaklee is made from freeze-dried garlic bulbs.  After freeze-drying, it is ground and mixed with spearmint and rosemary to produce a tablet with very little odor or taste.  The antioxidant properties of this  combination, along with natural allacin, remain inactive until they are hydrated in the stomach, which then releases this most potent form of garlic available. Take 2 to 8 as needed.

Spearmint is an antioxidant that calms digestive and nervous problems, promotes healthy urination and minimizes symptoms of viruses. It helps with:

1.       Bad Breath – sweetens breath

2.       Bladder Infections – relieves irritation from bacterial cystitis

3.       Bowel Gas – reduces flatulence

4.       Colds – reduces congestion

5.       Fever – has a cooling effect on body

6.       Nausea – reduces gag reflex

7.       Pneumonia – used to reduce infusion of fluid in lung

8.       Upset Stomach – relieves indigestion and aids digestion

Rosemary has several components which have been known to inhibit cancer formation in animal studies, relaxing smooth muscles in the lungs, thus increasing blood oxygen levels and increasing brain function.

1.       Bad Breath – freshens breath

2.       Colds – promotes quick recovery from virus infections

3.       Convalescence – stimulate recuperative powers of the ill

4.       Fleas – repels biting insects

5.       Headache – reduces circulatory congestion to the brain

6.       Memory – increases brain circulation

Shaklee’s  Garlic Complex helps with many other related problems.  It is a must have supplement for travelers or people who have digestive issues (diarrhea, etc.).

Source:  Dr. Richard Brouse

Are Appreciated

Are Appreciated

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