Posted by Denise on 05 3rd, 2009 | one response

Spring Cleaning for your Business Office-Tip 8

Tip 8-Sanitize all the forgettable places. Think about all the germs and colds that were passed around the office this past winter… you don’t want to bring those into the spring. With anti-bacterial spray or wipes, clean all door knobs, handles, light switches, buttons, chair arms, telephones and lamps.

One Response to “Spring Cleaning for your Business Office-Tip 8”

  1. V Wright says:

    Am truly enjoying all your tips, Denise. The best thing about the Basic G that I’ve found is that it lasts for THREE DAYS killing germs. I just need to remember to rinse after 10 minutes of application. It really beats the Bleach I used to use that had chemicals and only lasted for a couple of hours (plus it didn’t smell good).

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