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Spring Cleaning Using Non-Toxic Natural Products

After a long winter, spring cleaning is a great way to bring a sense of renewal. Unfortunately, over past decades the number of household cleaners has included many dangerous, harsh cleansing agents like bleach, ammonia, alcohol and more. These products are loaded with strong, artificial colors and fragrances which are a major threat to indoor air quality, off-gassing toxic fumes that can irritate eyes and respiratory systems. Children and pets are most at risk, being smaller and closer to the floor. Many cleaners also contain unnecessary antibacterial compounds, which may lead to antibiotic resistance.

Rediscover the natural cleaners, such as baking soda, borax, lemon juice and other non-toxic, green products that can handle the toughest stains effectively.

When your spring cleaning is done, you can go and enjoy the warm weather and the great outdoor activities.

One Response to “Spring Cleaning Using Non-Toxic Natural Products”

  1. Anonymous says:

    More good information on cleaning since Spring is here. Thanks.

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