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The Chocolate Solution to Extend Your Life

Since this blog is about having a healthy body as well as a healthy home, I look for interesting articles to help enlighten blog readers on these issues.  I read an article recently that was very informative on some of the food products we should include in your daily diets. Besides green tea and red wine there is Chocolate.

In the article it stated that the benefits of dark chocolate (not white or milk) chocolate comes from the extremely high level of antioxidants found inside its active components. A Harvard Medical School group studied and reviewed 136 scientific articles published between 1996 and 2005 on chocolate and its ingredients and found that eating 50g of dark chocolate a day may reduce the risk of heart disease by 10.5 per cent and the risk of dying from heart disease by 19 per cent — without any side-effects.

Other benefits of dark chocolate are:

  1. Stimulating endorphin production, which gives a feeling of pleasure
  2. Acting as an anti-depressant because of its serotonin content
  3. Acting as a stimulant because of its theobromine, caffeine and other stimulative substances.

The fats in chocolate are ½ oleic acid, ½ stearic acid and ½ palmitic acid. Oleic acid is a healthy monounsaturated fat that is also found in olive oil. Stearic acid is a saturated fat but one which research shows has a neutral effect on cholesterol. However, palmitic acid is a saturated fat, one which raises cholesterol and heart disease risk. That means only ½ of the fat in dark chocolate is bad for you. Plus, dark chocolate contains antioxidants universally praised for their ability to fight free radical damage (which causes aging). Some of the fats in chocolate have no effect on your cholesterol levels.
And no substance contains higher concentrations than pure cocoa extract! But be warned: It’s very bitter. So, there you have it — a colorful solution to longevity — green tea, red wine and brown cocoa! Here’s to long life!”


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16 Responses to “The Chocolate Solution to Extend Your Life”

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